Neuroscience Grand Rounds


Neuroscience Grand Rounds 2022-2023 Probing Vascular Physiology, White Matter Lesions, Neurodegeneration, and Alzheimer’s Disease with Neuroimaging Objectives: Through the review of specific example studies, gain an understanding of: To understand how chronic vascular insufficiency may impact the brain To understand how vascular brain changes may contribute to cognitive changes in later life To understand how […]

Warren Alpert Foundation Prize Symposium


Each year the recipient(s) of the Warren Alpert Foundation Prize are recognized at a scientific symposium hosted by Harvard Medical School. mRNA Vaccine Design and Delivery to Immune Cells This year’s symposium will honor five scientists who were critical to the development of COVID-19 vaccines. Eric Huang, PhD, Moderna Genomics Katalin Karikó, PhD, BioNTech SE […]

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