Yoga for Stress, Resilience, and Burnout in Healthcare Providers


Hosted by the Brigham Education Institute (BEI) Chronic stress is highly prevalent in modern society and is especially important in critical occupations such as healthcare where it can lead to burnout. However, our educational and medical systems are not effectively addressing this burden which can lead to mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and […]

Addressing the Often Unaddressed: Menopause and its Impact


In this interactive webinar, Dr. Jan Shifren and Jannine Versi discussed symptoms of the menopausal transition and their potential impact on women at work. Discussion Facilitators: Jan Shifren, MD is a gynecologist, reproductive endocrinologist, and director of the Mass General Midlife Women’s Health Center. Dr. Shifren’s research focuses on menopause, including the effects of estrogens, […]

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