Neuroscience Grand Rounds w/ Dr. Laura Lewis

Ether Dome, Bulfinch 4 55 Fruit Street, Bulfinch Building, 4th floor, Boston

Neuroscience Grand Rounds 2023-2024 Neural, Vascular, and Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics of the Sleeping Brain Objectives: Through the review of specific example studies, gain an understanding of: Understand how sleep changes fluid flow in the brain. Learn how new neuroimaging technologies can enable us to track neural and fluid dynamics in humans. Learn how changes in […]

Supporting Mental Health of K-12 Students


Dr. Mills Smith-Millman Offers Strategies for K-12 Educators and Faculty to Promote the Mental Well-Being of Their Students There‚Äôs no question that teachers and faculty members at elementary, middle, and high schools play critical roles in the educational growth of the students in their care. Mills Smith-Millman, PhD, offers an overview of proven strategies for […]

Event Series Design & Conduct of Clinical Trials

Design & Conduct of Clinical Trials


Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials Sponsored by the Division of Clinical Research The purpose of this online course in clinical trial design is to introduce the theory and practice of clinical trials. The design and conduct of clinical research will be reviewed in detail in order to enable course participants to plan, propose, and […]

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